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Lesson 1
My name is Donna Presley Earley and I'm first cousin to Elvis Presley. "Can't Help Falling in Love" is
my favourite song. That's because it was one of Elvis's favourites and he always ended his concerts
with it.
But more importantly and more personal than that, it's the song that my husband used to sing to me
when we were dating - and it's been kind of our song ever since.
Oh, gee, Elvis was larger than life and such a wonderful and fun-loving human being. He was so
generous and kind to everyone. Everyone knows the superstar - the legend. But very few people know
the human being and what a kind and loving man he was.
I get e-mail and phone calls from all over the world - and I've met people from all over the world.
Everyone that has that love for Elvis continues that love on for the family and friends of Elvis and I
appreciate that so much because that's, that's what Elvis was all about.
Vocabulary / fjalor
first cousin - kushëri i parë
favourite - i preferuar, i parapëlqyer
song – këngë
to end - përfundoj, mbaroj
husband - bashkëshort
sing - këndoj
to date - dal me dikë (që dashuroj)
larger than life - më i madh se vetë jeta (shprehje në anglisht që tregon madhështinë e
personalitetit të dikujt)
fun-loving - që i pëlqen hareja, gëzimi, veprimtaritë e gëzueshme
generous – bujar
kind - i sjellshëm, i mirë
human being - qenie njerëzore, njeri
e-mail - postë elektronike
phone calls – telefonata
to appreciate – vlerësoj
Explanations / shpjegime
If you can't help doing something - it means that you can't stop it, can't do anything about it - it just
happens - and that's it! (Ne shqip: Nuk mundem t'i rezistoj nje ndjenje të brendshme/ nuk mundem ta
mbaj/kontrolloj një veprim.)
Për shembull:
I can't help crying - S'e mbaj dot të qarët
I can't help laughing - S'e mbaj dot të qeshurit, etj.
more importantly… - çka është më e rëndësishme
ever since - që nga ajo kohë
from all over the world - nga e gjithë bota
that's what Elvis was all about - ky ishte Elvisi / ja se ç'përfaqësonte Elvisi
- 1 -
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Lesson 2
"One of my favourite memories of Elvis was when I was eighteen years old. It was very seldom that
you got to spend one on one time with Elvis, because there were usually other family members and
friends around. This one particular evening I was spending the night at Graceland - his home - and I
was in my grandmother Dodger's room and Elvis came in there and he sat down on the floor yoga
style in front of my chair and he was asking me about my aspirations, what I wanted to do when I
graduated from high school, who I was dating and so forth.
He gave me some advice that I've held with me for my entire life - and I've passed it on to my children
and now my little grand-daughter - that as long as you have faith in God and you have faith in yourself,
then don't ever let anyone else tell you that you can't accomplish anything - because you can do
whatever you want to do."
Vocabulary / fjalor
favourite - i preferuar, i parapëlqyer
memories – kujtime
seldom - shumë rrallë, pothuaj asnjëherë
(Seldom ka kuptimin negativ - pothuaj kurrë; për të thënë rrallë, ose rrallëherë në anglisht përdoret
rarely )
family members - pjesëtarët e familjes
to be around - me qenë rrotull/rreth e qark
particular - i veçantë
to spend the night - kaloj natën
to graduate from - mbaroj shkollën, diplomohem
high school - (në SHBA) shkollë e mesme
to date - dal me dikë (të dashurin)
advice - këshillë/këshilla
to give advice - jap këshilla
entire - e gjithë/ e tërë
to pass on advice - i kaloj këshillat (një brezi tjetër)
faith – besim
to accomplish - kryej, realizoj
Explanations / shpjegime
advice - këshillë/këshilla.
Ky emër në anglisht përdoret vetm me formën e njejësit. Megjithatë, advice zakonisht ka kuptimin e
shumësit, dhe në qoftë se duam të bëjmë dallimin njëjës-shumës themi: "a piece of advice" ('Let me
give you a piece of advice') për njëjësin dhe "a few pieces of advice" ose "some advice" ('Let me give
you some advice') për shumësin.
Çfarë mund të bësh me këshillat:
You can give it, ask for it, want it, listen to it, follow it, take it, seek it, heed it, act on it… etc.
'It was very seldom that you got to spend one on one time with Elvis'- Shumë rrallë qëllonte që të jepej
mundësia të kaloje kohë vetëm për vetëm me Elvisin.
one on one time (AmE) = one to one, face to face (BrE) - vetëm për vetëm
- 2 -
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Lesson 3
"My name is Sasha Abramovich. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. I came to London in March
2000. The song is All Shook Up. It's about love and you know that's great…
The first I met Elvis [was] in my childhood. My father spent three years in Indonesia in the early 60's
and he brought some tapes from there and on these tapes there were different sorts of music, but of
course Elvis. And so that's how the whole thing started.
My father told me in the later 50's when Elvis was so huge in the United States and all over the world,
the early rock and roll years, you couldn't buy his records at all in Russia and he was literally banned.
Of course, some people knew about him and they were listening to radio stations and they knew Elvis
was great. So what they did, they did [made] their own records - somehow some people managed to
smuggle the records. And what they did they used X-ray film - you could actually see the ribs - yes,
and they used X-ray film to cut the record.
We had some very bad copies. We used to trade copies, exchange copies, tapes. It was usually third
or fourth copy - very bad quality. You could just hear some scratches and noises and then 'Oh, All
Shook Up", Oh, but that was great - that was pure Elvis."
"Hi, this is Elvis Presley. I guess the first thing people want to know is why I can't stand still when I'm
singing. Some people tap their feet; some people snap their fingers and some people just sway back
and forth. I just sort of do them all together, I guess."
Vocabulary / fjalor
to be born - me u lindë/ kam lindur
to meet – takoj
childhood – fëmijëri
to bring – sjell
tape - shirit manjetofoni
huge - jashtëzakonisht i madh
record - pllakë/disk
gramafoniliterally - fjalë për fjalë, me plot kuptimin e fjalës
banned - i ndaluar
to smuggle - fus kontrabandë
X-ray film - film radioskopie
rib - brinjëto cut - këtu = to make
copy - kopje
to copy – kopjoj
to trade - shkëmbej, tregëtoj
to exchange – shkëmbej
quality – cilësi
scratches – gërvishtje
noises – zhurma
pure - i/e pastër
to stand still - qëndroj në vend, pa lëvizur
to tap - përplas këmbët (sipas ritmit të muzikës)
to snap - kërcas gishtat (sipas ritmit të muzikës)
to sway – lëkundem
hips – vithet
Explanations / shpjegime:
in the early 60's - në fillimet e viteve '60
that's how the whole thing started - ja se si filloi e gjitha
- 3 -
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Lesson 4
"All these people I knew at that time, they wanted to learn English because they wanted to understand
what Elvis is [was] singing about - so they felt what it was all about, but they wanted to really
understand the words.
That was something I can't even describe. That was one word, maybe, freedom. Because he was free
- he was just telling us what he feels [felt], and this comes straight to your heart. All these people I
knew at that time, they wanted to learn English because they wanted to understand what Elvis is [was]
singing about.
That's how the whole thing started in the Soviet Union. It was like an underground thing and people
could be really penalised for this, even arrested maybe for some months. … They risked, but they had
We had all these tapes - we couldn't afford a record. The cost of a record, the price for it in Russia,
you couldn't buy it at that time, let's say in 1977-78, so it was about 60 roubles for one record. The
monthly wages for an average engineer was 120 per month, so two records per month and nothing to
eat. But that was a great time, that was a really great time - my teenage years.
There was a small article in a Soviet newspaper at that time - just a very small column with a photo -
one of the worst ones, I think, when he was really out of his usual shape. Somebody who wrote this
article, he was just joking about it, about his death. So he said:' Oh, the so-called King of Rock and
Roll finally died in his huge mansion.' It was like a day of mourning for all of us. We couldn't believe it,
because he was so young, always, he was so full of energy and we hadn't seen him in the years of
decline, you know, the last two years we hadn't seen him.
Vocabulary / fjalor
to learn - mësoj
to understand - kuptoj
to feel - ndiej
freedom - liri
free - i lirë
underground - këtu: e nëndheshme, veprimtari e fshehtë
to be penalised - dënohem
to be arrested - arrestohem
to risk - rrezikojtape - shirit manjetofoni
to afford - kam mundësi të paguaj; jam në gjendje të paguaj.
record - pllakë/disk gramafoni
cost - kostoprice – çmim
monthly wages - rroga mujore
average – mesatare
engineer – inxhinier
to eat – ha
teenage years - vitet e adoleshencës
to joke - bëj shaka
death – vdekje
the so-called - i ashtu-quajturi
to die – vdes
mansion - shtëpi, rezidencë (zakonisht një shtëpi madhështore)
mourning - mbajtje zi për dikë që ka vdekur
full of energy - plot me energji
decline - rënie,
- 4 -
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Explanations / shpjegime:
what Elvis is singing about - se për çfarë po këndon Elvisi
this comes straight to your heart - kjo të hyn drejt e në zemër; i flet zemrës drejtpërdrejt
that's how the whole thing started - ja se si filloi e gjithë kjo
out of shape - jo në formë (nga ana fizike)/ i shformuar
'out of his usual shape' - Jo në formën e vet të zakonshme
Lesson 5
"Hi, my name is Di Gregory and I do an act called Elvis the Girl, and I'm from Brighton in England. I
dress up as Elvis, I kind of look a little bit like Elvis and I've always wanted to do an Elvis
impersonation since I was about nine years old, and finally I'm there.
There's something special about Elvis, because I didn't even know what he sounded like. I saw a
picture of him and that was it. I was in love with Elvis after seeing my first picture [of him], but I didn't
even know what he sounded like, so it was purely on what he looked like.
I thought, I don't even know what he sounded like, so I saved up my pocket money, went out and
bought my first Elvis album. Ever since then my brother and I used to kind of get on the dressing table
and pretend to be Elvis even then. Yeah, I had a piece of wood with a bit of string coming off the
bottom - so, quite professional.
Elvis sang this version in 1960. And in 1970 something or other, Elvis did a live, on-stage version of
"Are You Lonesome Tonight". Elvis said: "Do the chairs in your parlour seem empty and bare, do you
gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair", and then spontaneously burst into laughter, much to
the delight of the fans. But for the rest of the song, he just could not sing, the rest of the song, because
he was laughing too much.
Vocabulary / fjalor
lonesome (AmE) - i vetmuar, i trishtuar nga vetmia,
act - këtu: numër artistik
to dress up as - vishem si
impersonation - imitim i dikujt
to sound – tingëlloj
to save up – kursej
pocket money - pare xhepi
dressing table - komo tualeti
to pretend - bëj gjoja
wood – dru
string – spango
professional - profesional (këtu kuptimi është ironik)
parlour - dhomë ndenjieje, pritjeje
empty – bosh
bare - i zhveshur
to gaze - ngul sytë me një vështrim të përhumbur
bald head - kokë tullace
to wish - dëshiroj
hair – flokë
to burst into laughter - shpërthej në të qeshura
- 5 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Explanations / shpjegime:
what he sounded like - si tingëllonte
what he looked like - si ishte nga pamja
it was purely on what he looked like - thjesht vetëm nga pamja e jashme
a live, on-stage version - një version i rregjistruar nga skena, ku Elvisi këndonte drejtpërsëdrejti dhe
jo mbi version të rregjistruar në studio
much to the delight of the fans - për kënaqësinë e madhe të adhuruesve të tij
Lesson 6
Yes, I've been in lots of bands in the past. I had a bit of space in my life and I filled it with Elvis. As I
said, I've always wanted to do it and I saw an advert in a local paper saying "Elvis impersonator
wanted". So I thought it's now or never - (Sings "It's now or never), and so I phoned it up and I got the
job over the phone.
I do a proper Vegas show and we start off with "2001 A Space Odyssey", which is what Elvis used to
start his shows with and while that is on, something peculiar happens - something extraordinary and
really exciting and I kind of just feel this power, I guess. I get such good come-back from the true Elvis
fans as well, because they can see I'm trying to do it right. They can see I'm trying to do it as much like
Elvis as I possibly can.
I do my hair a lot. I dye my hair but Elvis used to dye his hair. My natural colour of hair is the same
colour as Elvis's natural colour. Elvis's natural colour hair was fair which means it was kind of light
brown, sandy and he dyed it black, blue-black in fact.
Vocabulary / fjalor
band - grup muzikor.
space – hapësirë
to fill – mbush
advert – reklamë
local paper - gazetë lokale
impersonator – imitues
job – punë
peculiar - i veçantë
extraordinary - i jashtëzakonshëm
exciting - këtu: (diçka) e mrekullueshme
power – fuqi
come-back - këtu: reagime, pritje
to dye - ngjyros, lyej (flokët)
fair - ngjyrë e çelur.
light brown - ngjyrë kafe e çelur
sandy - këtu: ngjyrë rëre
Explanations / shpjegime:
I got the job over the phone - Më thanë që e fitova vendin e punës në telefon
blue-black - ngjyrë e zezë në blu.
- 6 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 7
My name's Chris Giles and I've got a shop in London - the Elvis Shop - and it's been there as a record
shop for nearly thirty years. I devoted all the shop to Elvis because that was my first love in music from
Massive, absolutely massive, probably in excess of 4,000 CDs, vinyl, albums, EPs, and 45s from
virtually every country in the world - from Australia to Zanzibar.
My most prized possession? Well, we've got - I can never remember which way round it is - it's either
three Easter cards and two Christmas cards or vice versa, that my wife and I got from Elvis and
Priscilla while they were still together - which was my wife's doing more than mine, because she used
to write to Elvis's Grandma in the very early 60's and was one of the fortunate people that was lucky to
be pulled out and put on the mailing list.
We got a really nice letter from Vernon, Elvis's father, in 1974 when Elvis was having some health
problems and was hospitalised. And you know, out of the blue we got this three-page hand-written
letter from Vernon saying that Elvis was OK and he'd been suffering with glaucoma and having his
eyes treated. And, yes, that's kind of nice, 'cos it's a bit personal.
Vocabulary / fjalor
record shop - dyqan disqesh gramafoni
to devote - kushtoj, përkushtoj
childhood – fëmijëri
massive - e jashtëzakonshme, shumë e madhe
in excess of - shumë më tepër se,
CD (compact disc) - kompakt diskvinyl - pllakë vinili
EP (extended play) - pllakë e zgjeruar
45s - pllakë/disk gramafoni që bën 45 rrotullime në minutë
virtually – pothuaj
most prized possession - gjëja më e shtrenjtë që zotëroj, gjëja më e çmuar për mua
Easter – Pashkët
Christmas - Krishtlindjet
card - këtu: kartolinë
vice versa - anasjelltas
Grandma – gjyshe
fortunate, lucky - me fat, faltum
pulled out - këtu: u zgjodh. Pull out - nxjerr (siç nxirren numrat e llotarisë)
mailing list - listë e njerëzve të cilëve u dërgohen letra, kartolina, dhe me të cilët mbahet
health problems - probleme shëndetësore
to hospitalise - shtrohem në spital
out of the blue - pa pritur e pa kujtuar, rrufe në të kthjellët
hand-written - e shkruar me dorë
to suffer – vuaj
glaucoma - glaukomë (sëmundja që shkaktohet nga tensioni i lartë i gjakut në sy)
to treat - trajtoj, kuroj
Explanations / shpjegime:
which was my wife's doing more than mine - që ishte më shumë punë e gruas sime se sa e imja
in the very early 60s - Në fillim të viteve '60
a three-page letter - një letër me tri faqe
- 7 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 8
'Return To Sender' is a particular favourite. The song is about a guy who's obviously broke[n] up with
his girlfriend. He's trying to get back by writing her the letter. His letters keep coming back. He doesn't
know if she's sending them back or she's moved.
Yeah, 'Return to Sender' is strictly American, as far as I know because in England we will get
Unknown at this Address. We don't have ours stamped. They actually stamp their letters over there
'Return To Sender', which is kind of nice, because English people, like Elvis fans, they think it's kind of
cute if they get a letter back with that on it. They'll save the envelope - because it's kind of nice for us
to see that - 'Return To Sender'.
In fact, I do know people that did this a few years ago when they issued a special Elvis stamp. They
just sent it to a totally fictitious address but put their own return address on it, so that they would get
that letter or postcard back stamped 'Return to Sender'. Now, they would do that on, say, the 8th of
January, on Elvis's birthday, or on August the 16th, the day he passed away, so the date would be
quite significant in Elvis's life.
Vocabulary / fjalor
to return – kthej
sender – dërguesi
favourite - këtu: këngë e preferuar
guy - djalë, njeri
to break up - prishem, ndahem (me të dashurin/të dashurën)
to get back - bashkohem përsëri
to send back - kthej mbrapsht
to move - këtu: ndërroj shtëpi
unknown at this address - nuk njihet në këtë adresë
to stamp – vulos
to save – ruaj
envelope – zarf
to issue - lëshoj, nxjerr
stamp - pullë poste
fictitious - e rreme, e sajuar
return address - adresa e kthimit
postcard - kartolinë
birthday – ditëlindje
to pass away - vdes, ndërroj jetë
date – data
significant - e rëndësishme, kuptimplotë
Explanations / shpjegime:
it's kind of cute - është gjë e këndshme / e lezetshme
return to sender (AmE) = unknown/not known at this address (BrE) = Shënim (ose vulë) që vihet
mbi letrat kur personi të cilit i janë dërguar nuk gjendet më në adresën e dhënë.
- 8 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 9
Hello, my name's Dr. Mark Duffett. My PhD was on the relationship between Elvis and his fans.
When I started my study, I was interested in 'fan-dom' rather than Elvis, but I thought I've got to
choose Elvis because of the strength and the sort of size of the fan base. It was more that I was
interested in 'fan-dom', then I got into Elvis but the process of studying Elvis got me more into Elvis.
What I ended up concluding was that, really, well, there's a special kind of electricity between Elvis
and his fans, which is unusual, the intensity of it is unusual for any performer. The fame of Elvis almost
charges him up and his performance gives it back.
I teach a course on fan culture, which is a lot of fun because we start off with stereotypes of fans. So
we look at Elvis fans and look at sort of the way they're represented in newspaper and things.
Vocabulary / fjalor
PhD - Doktoraturë
relationship – marrëdhënie
fan - adhurues, tifoz
study – studim
'fan-dom' - dukuria e tifos/adhurimit të dikujt nga shumë njerëz
to choose – zgjedh
strength - forcë, fuqi
size - masë, madhësi
base – bazë
to end up – përfundoj
to conclude - arrij në përfundimin
electricity - këtu: elektrizim, përçim ndienjash
unusual - i pazakontë
performer – artist
fame – famë
to charge up - ngarkoj (emocionalisht), frymëzoj
performance - shfaqje,
to give back - kthej përsëri
fun - gjë e këndshme, qejf
to start off with - filloj (së pari)
to look at – shikoj
Explanations / shpjegime:
the process of studying Elvis got me more into Elvis - procesi i studimit të Elvisit më bëri ta pëlqej
më shumë Elvisin
what I ended up concluding - Përfundimi që arrita në fund …
to teach a course - jap mësim një lëndë
- 9 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 10
'The song is about, it's about love and it's about regret and it's about telling somebody after it's too late
what you thought.
I actually think this is a very plain-speaking song - there aren't really metaphors in there, there's not
really slang in there. It's actually a very straightforward song.
Yeah, always on my mind is a phrase that gets used when something concerns us all the time. And in
this case, Elvis is concerned about a lover that he's lost because he didn't really express himself
properly in the first place.
'I'm so sorry I was blind' - that's an apology. I'm so sorry I was blind is not literal. It just means that he
wasn't seeing what he should have seen. So it's not physical sight, it's down to his attitude towards
Vocabulary / fjalor
PhD - Doktoraturë
relationship – marrëdhënie
fan - adhurues, tifoz
study – studim
'fan-dom' - dukuria e tifos/adhurimit të dikujt nga shumë njerëz
to choose – zgjedh
strength - forcë, fuqi
size - masë, madhësi
base – bazë
to end up – përfundoj
to conclude - arrij në përfundimin
electricity - këtu: elektrizim, përçim ndienjash
unusual - i pazakontë
performer – artist
fame – famë
to charge up - ngarkoj (emocionalisht), frymëzoj
performance - shfaqje,
to give back - kthej përsëri
fun - gjë e këndshme, qejf
to start off with - filloj (së pari)
to look at – shikoj
Explanations / shpjegime:
the process of studying Elvis got me more into Elvis - procesi i studimit të Elvisit më bëri ta pëlqej
më shumë Elvisin
what I ended up concluding - Përfundimi që arrita në fund …
to teach a course - jap mësim një lëndë
- 10 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 11
My name is Bill Burk. I'm a journalist in Memphis, Tennessee and I've authored 12 Elvis books, and I
make Elvis talks at Elvis conventions all around the world.
Of all the 750 or more songs that Elvis recorded during his career, I felt, like, that "In the Ghetto" was
the song that he probably put more of his heart and spirit into - and while Elvis wasn't born in a big city
ghetto, I felt, like, that his poor upbringing in Tupelo, Mississippi gave him an insight into this little boy
in the song and for that reason it's been my favourite.
Well, he was a very, very wonderful person to be a friend to - he was a very loyal person. You knew at
all times that if you ever needed his help in anything, that you could just call and ask and you would
get it done. In return, with a friendship, he always expected one hundred per cent loyalty from you. I
never asked him for anything. I said the only thing I'll ever ask of you is your friendship, and I tell
people that's all I ever got.
Vocabulary / fjalor
journalist – gazetar
talks - bisedë; këtu: ligjërim, referim
conventions – konferencë
to record - rregjistroj (muzikë/këngë)
heart – zemër
spirit – shpirt
upbringing - rritje (e fëmijës nga prindërit); nënkupton periudhën e fëmijërisë
insight - kuptim i brendshëm, aftësi/mundësi për të hyrë thellë në kuptimin e diçkaje
reason – arsye
loyalty – besnikëri
favourite - i preferuar, i parapëlqyer
to call - këtu: telefonoj.
to ask – kërkoj
in return - si shpërblim, nga ana e vet
friendship – miqësi
to expect - pres (nga dikush të bëjë ose të mos bëjë diçka)
Explanations / shpjegime:
to author - të jesh autori i…, (në anglisht shumë folje formohen nga emri përkatës, si në këtët rast:
author -> to author)
it gave him an insight into - i dha mundësinë të kuptonte në thellësi
poor upbringing - këtu: fëmijëri e varfër
one hundred percent loyalty - njëqind për qind besnikëri
- 11 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 12
Two or three months after he came home from the army in Germany he called me about midnight -
and this was really about the time he was waking up and getting started, you know… but he called me
at my house and asked me could I come down and talk to him for a while. And so I got out of bed and
went down and we went into the music room and he sat at the piano and he mostly told me about how
much he missed his mother and how much that his career really didn't mean that much to him
anymore without her being there - his successes were dedicated to her.
As I was leaving he said, "I envy you - I wish I could be like you." And it just shocked me, the
statement, and I said, "Excuse me, but you're going to have to explain that. You have automobiles,
you have more automobiles than you can possibly drive, you have millions of dollars, you have this big
house, you've got gold records, you've got movies and you want to be like me? You have to explain
that." And he said, "Well, you're able to get in your car now and drive out the gates there. And the fans
down at the gates won't grab you or try to grab your hair or try to grab your clothes and they won't
follow you." And he said, "So that's the reason I envy you."If I had one thing to do over in our
relationship of 20 years I would have put that hand on his shoulder and would have gently shoved him
in the car and we would have gone through the gates that night.
Vocabulary / fjalor
to call - marr në telefon
midnight – mesnatë
to wake up - zgjimi
to get started - filloj nga puna
to come down - zbres; këtu: shkoj
to get out of bed - u ngrita nga shtrati
to miss - më mungon; më merr malli
to mean - ka kuptim/domethënie; ka rëndësi
success – sukses
to dedicate - dedikoj, kushtoj
to leave – largohem
to envy - kam zili (nga emri envy -> zili)
to wish – dëshiroj
to shock – trondis
statement - thënie, deklaratë
automobile (AmE) – veturë
gold records - pllaka të arta (gramafoni)
to get in the car - hip në makinë
to drive out - dal jashtë (me makinë)
gates - portat (e jashtme, të oborrit,)
fans - adhurues, tifoz
to grab - kap me forcë, rrëmbej
hair – flokë
clothes – rroba
to follow - ndjek
reason – arsye
Explanations / shpjegime:
he called me about midnight - më mori në telefon aty nga mesnata
without her being there - duke mos pasur atë (të ëmën) aty (nënkupton që e ëma i kishte vdekur)
you're going to have to explain that - duhet të ma shpjegosh këtë
you've got movies - ti ke filmat (është fjala për filmat në të cilët ka luajtur Elvis Presley)
- 12 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 13
Hi, my name is Carlos Ares. I was born in 1949 in Argentina. I developed an interest in Elvis when I
was only seven years old and since then I have bought thousands and thousand of records.
I saw Elvis in 1972 - four times - and with the years I developed the Elvis shop in Argentina and written
three books on his life and his discography. Even my wife is an Elvis fan.
It blew my mind. Well, I was only seven years old. I was listening to the radio and this record came
and I heard a voice I never dreamed of hearing, never, I mean, it was so different from everything I
had listened to before.
"Crying in the Chapel" was the first and only gospel song ever released in Argentina. I don't know why,
but all over South America his previous works were not issued in Argentina. It's incredible because
this song, which was originally recorded in 1960, was issued all over the world, including Argentina in
1965, and it became a tremendous hit not only in the US but, I guess, all over the world.
Vocabulary / fjalor
to develop - zhvilloj, krijoj
an interest – interes
to buy – blej
discography – diskografi
wife - grua, bashkëshorte
fan – adhurues
record - pllakë/disk gramafoni
to hear – dëgjoj
voice – zë
to dream – ëndërroj
gospel - këngët e frymëzuara nga bibla, këngë me tekst fetar
to release - lëshoj, nxjerr (një disk)
to issue - nxjerr, botoj (një disk, etj)
incredible - i pabesueshëm
originally - në fillim
to record – rregjistroj
including - përfshirë, midis të cilave
tremendous - i jashtëzakonshëm
hit – sukses
Explanations / shpjegime:
it blew my mind - më la pa mend; më bëri krejtësisht për vete
I guess (AmE) - mendoj; ma merr mendja
- 13 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 14
In a way, I guess, Elvis changed my life completely. I was fortunate enough to go to an English school
- I had Spanish in the mornings and English [in the] afternoons - but [it] was Elvis who really made me
study the English language, to try to understand his songs.
"Jailhouse Rock", in fact, was the craziest one, those difficult words. I had to listen over and over again
to understand it. In fact, in the 50's Elvis had no diction at all - he used words that I didn't know and I
wasn't taught that at school, you know, but later on in the 60's, yes, his diction was more professional.
The image came afterwards. I saw "Jailhouse Rock" played on National TV. It was in 1958 and that
confirmed everything. I mean he had the voice, he had the looks, he had the songs, he had the girls,
he had everything.
What really amazes me in Elvis is the feeling he has on so many different kinds of songs. Like from
rock 'n roll to blues, Latin songs, gospel, rhythm and blues, country and western. He has a feeling I
have never heard before or after.
Elvis has not only an incredible voice but, secondly, he has a feeling that breaks all language barriers.
Whenever you hear a gospel song by Elvis, even if you don't talk [speak] English, you understand his
commitment. He was a God-fearing man.
Vocabulary / fjalor
to change – ndryshoj
fortunate - me fat
to understand – kuptoj
craziest - më i çmenduri/a nga të gjithë (shkalla sipërore e mbiemrit crazy -> i çmendur)
diction - diksion; mënyra e shqiptimit të fjalëve
professional – profesional
image - pamje
afterwards - pas kësaj; më vonë
to confirm - vërtetoj, konfirmoj
voice – zë
looks - pamje (është fjala që ishte i pashëm)
to amaze - habis, lë me gojë hapur
feeling – ndienjë
incredible - i pabesueshëm
to break – thyej
language barriers - barrierat gjuhësore, pengesat gjuhësore
commitment - angazhim, përkushtim
God-fearing - që kishte frikë nga Zoti (e adhuronte dhe e besonte Zotin)
Explanations / shpjegime:
to listen over and over again - dëgjoj vazhdimisht, përsëri e përsëri (over and over është shprehje
që tregon nje veprim që përsëritet shumë herë)
I wasn't taught that at school - nuk ma kishin mësuar këtë në shkollë
- 14 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 15
My name is Dave Kingham. I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I've been an Elvis fan for the last
34 years and been coming to the Elvis do's for the last 20. I'm Janet Bisland. I'm from Mansford in
Nottinghamshire and I've been an Elvis fan for 38 years.
(DK) "It's Now or Never" was one of the earliest records I'd heard from being a youngster. It was
obviously something that was on everybody's lips at the time it came out and he was at the peak of his
(DK) Obviously Elvis, I think, at the time, was going through a period of change. He knew he had to
change his routine from a rock star into a pop star and it was to appeal to a much wider audience, I
(DK) Both my sons are here - the eldest lad's 29 and the other one's 27. The younger one is probably
the bigger of the Elvis fans. He's been to the conventions along with me for the last 13 years. I haven't
forced it down his neck - it's very easy to try to say that you've got to be an Elvis fan, but, no, he
literally, he picked it up from me and has enjoyed it ever since. So it's been good fun for us. In fact, I'd
miss it if it wasn't there, without question … The people it's brought together, not just family and
friends. I mean, it's literally, it is one big family.
Vocabulary / fjalor
Channel Islands - Ishujt e Kanalit të Lamanshit (që i përkasin Britanisë së Madhe)
do - këtu: veprimtari
fan - adhurues, tifoz
Nottinghamshire - konteja e Nottingham-it në Angli
youngster - i vogël, i ri (në moshë)
obviously - pa dyshim, sigurisht
to come out - del, botohet, nxirret në treg (për disqet)
change – ndryhsim
to change - ndryshoj (folje)
rock star - yll i muzikës rock
pop star - yll i muzikës pop
the eldest - më i madhi në moshë (një nga format e shkallës sipërore të mbiemrit old, forma tjetër
është oldest)
convention - mbledhje, konferencë, tubim
literally - me plot kuptimin e fjalës
to enjoy - kënaqem nga, më pëlqen
fun - qejf, gëzim, hare
to bring together - bashkoj, mbledh sëbashku
family – familje
Explanations / shpjegime:
I've been an Elvis fan for the last 34 years …, and I've been an Elvis fan for 38 years... - unë kam
34 vjet që jam adhurues/tifoz i Elvisit … kam 38 vjet që jam adhuruese e Elvisit
it was (…) on everybody's lips - e këndonit të gjithë., e kishin të gjithë në gojë
he was at the peak of his career - ishte në kulmin e karierës së vet
he was going through a period of change - po kalonte përmes një faze ndryshimi
to appeal to a much wider audience - (këngët e tij) kishin kuptim/preknin një auditor shumë më ët
gjerë njerëzish
both my sons are here - të dy djemtë e mi janë këtu
I haven't forced it down his neck - unë nuk e kam detyruar ta bëjë këtë
he picked it up from me - ai e mori ketë nga mua (nënkultimi është padashur, në mënyrë të
without question - pa dyshim
- 15 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 16
(JB) It was a dream holiday come true to go to Graceland. I thought it would be the one and only time I
would ever go there, but I've been very lucky to be able to go back another four times. So it's a matter
of just keep saving the money to go back again 'cos once you've been, you just want to keep going
(JB) I think my most special moment was definitely when they opened the door, and I walked into
Graceland, to just stand there. I mean, the house itself is not what you'd expect, it's not a massive
mansion, it is quite small. To just see where he used to, well, sit at the table for his meals, it gives you
goose bumps; you're actually walking through the rooms where he once was.
(DK) A lot of the people here today have not been able to see Graceland or visit any of the Elvis sites,
and we have been very, very lucky, as Janet said before. To go there once was a privilege, but to be
able to go there more than once, it was just a dream come true, really.
Vocabulary / fjalor
dream – ëndërr
dream holiday - pushime të mrekullueshme/si në përralla/ si në ëndërr
a dream holiday come true - realizimi i pushimeve të ëndërruara
lucky - me fat
to go back - kthehem përsëri, shkoj përsëri
matter – çështje
to save money - kursej para
once - këtu: pasi (ke qenë një herë)
to expect - pres (nga dikush të bëjë diçka
massive - shumë i madh
mansion - shtëpi, rezidencë, zakonisht e rrethuar nga toka / kopshte, pemë, etj.., që i përkasin një
personi / familjeje
meal - vakt (i të ngrënit)
goose bumps - (më bëhet) mishi kokërr
site - vend, mjedis
privilege – privilegj
Explanations / shpjegime:
the one and only time - hera e parë dhe e vetme
it's a matter of …- është çështje …
to keep doing something - të vazhdosh të bësh diçka
Elvis site - vend ku ka jetuar ose ka qenë Elvisi
- 16 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 17
My name's Chris Boudidge. I'm the DJ and Quiz Master for Elvis Week this and every year - been
doing it since about '92.
My job is mainly to get the quizzes up together. We have a bit of a laugh on the TV and do the discos
all night until we actually fall down, or we're carried out, or the police come and take us away, or
something like that.
I've been reading and studying and listening to his music, so doing the discos and things like that is
just an extension of being an Elvis fan, really, it sort of brings it to the masses a bit more.
I am a big Elvis fan - I think you have to be; otherwise you wouldn't be able to play something like 8
hours of Elvis music and be different. It does pay to be an Elvis fan. I've been an Elvis fan for 23 years
now. Since he died, in fact.
I was seven when Elvis died - it was as if the world stopped spinning. And everything was Elvis -
everywhere you went.
Vocabulary / fjalor
DJ - (=Disc Jockey)
quiz master - Prezentatori që drejton emisione tip konkursi
job - punë, detyrë
to fall down - bie, rrëzohem
to carry out - nxjerr jashtë
to take away - marr, heq
extension - zgjerim, zgjatim
fan – adhurues
masses - masat (e njerëzve)
otherwise - përndryshe
to pay - këtu: ka të mirat e veta
to die – vdes
as if - sikur
to spin - rrotullohem rreth nje boshti
Explanations / shpjegime:
my job is mainly to get the quizzes up together - detyra ime është që të përgatis dhe organizoj
to have a bit of a laugh - qeshim së bashku nga pak
it sort of brings it to the masses - në një farë mënyre e sjellim (Elvisin) më afër masave
sort of - shprehje që ka kuptimin njëfarësoj, disi
- 17 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së
Lesson 18
One of my all-time favourite Elvis tracks - I have quite a few. Elvis recorded over 700 songs, so there
are quite a few to choose from. But of the more well known songs, I think 'Suspicious Minds' is always
at the forefront of my mind as being one of the finest records he ever recorded. Especially for the time
he was recording them, as well. It doesn't age. It could have been recorded yesterday, you wouldn't
This is about a relationship, I think; most people have been in at some point or another, with a
possessive partner. As he says, "we're caught in a trap" - which means you're stuck there. I think that
strikes a chord with a lot of people.
He can't walk out, he can't leave the relationship. He's obviously committed to the relationship but he
can't walk out. He loves his partner very much, doesn't want to leave, but it's almost as if she's forcing
him out.
We can't go on together - that just means as a partnership, their relationship cannot continue if his
partner is going to keep being suspicious of him all the time. It's basically more of an ultimatum. It's
sort of saying OK, come on, let's sort of lighten up a bit, otherwise we're going to have to go our
separate ways.
Vocabulary / fjalor
suspicious – dyshues
mind – mendje
track - këtu: një këngë (në disk)
to record - rregjistroj (një këngë në disk)
to choose – zgjedh
at the forefront - në plan të parë, në krye, në vendin e parë
to age - vjetërohem, kalon mosha
relationship – marrëdhënie
possessive - këtu ka një kuptim të përafërt me xheloz. Me fjalën possessive përshkruhet një partner
që do ta ketë të dashurin/ën vetëm për vete
to walk out - largohem (le dikë me të cilin ka qenë i lidhur)
to leave – largohem
committed - i përkushtuar
to force out - detyroj të largohet
to mean - do të thotë, ka kuptimin që…
partnership - partneritet, marrëdhënie
to continue – vazhdoj
otherwise - përndryshe
basically - në thelb
Explanations / shpjegime:
all-time favourites - këngë që pëlqehen në të gjitha kohërat
one of the finest records - një prej disqeve më të mira
at some point or another - dikur, në një moment ose në nje tjetër
we're caught in a trap - jemi zënë në çark
we're stuck here - kemi ngecur këtu (në një situatë pa rrugëdalje)
to strike a chord - ka kuptim, është kuptimplotë për…
to be committed to - të jesh i angazhuar, përkushtuar ndaj
we can't go on together - nuk mund të vazhdojmë së bashku
to keep being suspicious - vazhdoj të jem dyshues
let's lighten up a bit - mos t'i marrim gjërat kaq seriozisht
to go our separate ways - të shkojmë në rrugë të ndryshme/ndahemi
- 18 -
© BBC MMI Mësojmë anglisht sipas metodës së BBC-së

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